One Brand Fits All

No one foodservice solution can fit all the different kinds of c-store operations. But there is one brand. Godfather’s Pizza. Godfather’s Pizza TO GO is designed to help c-stores with limited space maximize their potential for food sales. In many instances, Godfather’s Pizza Express is a better answer. It can drive significantly more sales. The chart below can help guide you to the best solution for your stores.

National Brand Recognition Yes Yes
Available Square Footage for a Pizza Program 140 sq. ft. for kitchen; 250 sq. ft. for refrigeration, storage, and dish area Under 100 sq. ft. in total
Menu Primarily 14″ large pizzas and 7″ mini pizza, made-to-order; includes sides and desserts Limited to 4 primary SKUs, personal-sized pizza, pre-topped and frozen. Side items and LTOs available.
Additional Add-on Food Programs Broasted® Chicken,
Big Boss Subs®,
and Breakfast Items
Labor Trained foodservice manager and staff required. Minimal required.
Equipment Specifications provided Flexible
Franchise Fees Yes None
Training At corporate headquarters and on-site Training aides
On-Going Operational Support Assigned franchise business consultant None
Marketing Support Free design services Access to marketing library of materials
Online Ordering Site Available Godfather’s Pizza Online Ordering Site or available for Third Party Delivery platforms. Can be added to Third Party Delivery platform by retailer.

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